Sharp Half Pint Carousel Microwave


Sharp Half Pint Carousel Microwave

sharp half pint carousel microwave

    half pint

  • A small or insignificant person or animal
  • runt: disparaging terms for small people
  • The pint is an English unit of volume or capacity in both the imperial system and in United States customary units. The imperial version is 20 imperial fluid ounces and is equivalent to about 568 mL, while the U.S. version is 16 U.S. fluid ounces and is equivalent to about 473 mL.
  • Half of a pint
  • Half Pint (born and sometimes credited Lindon Andrew Roberts) is a Jamaican dancehall, ragga, and reggae singer.


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  • A carousel (from French carrousel, from Italian carosello), or merry-go-round, is an amusement ride consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders.
  • a conveyer belt that carries luggage to be claimed by air travelers
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  • crisp: (of something seen or heard) clearly defined; "a sharp photographic image"; "the sharp crack of a twig"; "the crisp snap of dry leaves underfoot"

Half pint

Half pint
It was actually a gin & tonic in a half pint glass (I always do the drive from Cardiff to Dover, and Michel does the bit from Dunkerque to Brussels. So I always treat myself to a g&t on board ship when my bit is done !)

Wendy Drinks a Half Pint

Wendy Drinks a Half Pint
The Half Pint is a theme drink available at the Little House on the Prairie musical in St. Paul.

Sadly, it was not a half-pint of liquid.

sharp half pint carousel microwave